Tea Time Mug Tote - 6x10

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Now you can carry your own mug to work and quilting class. This little tote is
mostly done as an in the hoop project. Some machine sewing and a small amount
of handsewing (sewing on of button) is required for this project. The tote is well
padded so your mug will be safe. Roomy enough for a medium sized mug, a mug
rug, and a treat. The front of the tote has a label that is reverse appliqued (it’s
easy; we show you how) with and without the words “Tea Time”. You also
receive a front design that has the label, but no roses on it. The back of the little
tote has an appliqued pocket. The sides are tied with ribbon and there is an
optional top button closure – all designed to keep the contents of the tote safe
and secure. Of course, this little tote can be used for more than just carrying a
mug. Just the right size for a child’s tote, too.
For 6x10 and larger hoops. Other projects shown are sold separately below.

Products Specs

6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size: Front with Wording 9.78" x 5.95"
Stitch Count: Front with Wording 7455
Finish Size: Front without Wording 9.78" x 5.95"
Stitch Count: Front without Wording 5943
Finish Size: Front without Wording/Roses 9.78" x 5.95"
Stitch Count: Front without Wording/Roses 4352
Finish Size: Tote Back 9.78" x 5.95"
Stitch Count: Tote Back 4426

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Graphic artist for label: www.doodlepantry.com (Laurie Wilson)
Graphics used with express licensed permission.