Bib Peas, In The Hoop - 3 Sizes!

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Applique for Kids
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FUN bib, made it in the hoop! Uses a narrow stitch to reduce the bulk of having a seam on the inside. This bib is made in 1 hooping - has a front & back. A liner can be used if you choose to. Very easy. You will be turning the bib right side out. Comes with step by steps and photos to guide you. The applique is part of the design - can be skipped if you do not want the applique.
The medium uses a hoop at least 180 X 300 ( 7.09" x 11.81") The large & longer large uses the 200 X 300 hoop (7.87" x 11.81")
There will be no HUS format - check your machine manual to see if you can use the VIP or VP3 format. There is no longer large in the VIP or VP3, there is the medium & large for these formats.

Products Specs

Mega Product Specs
Finish Size 6.95" x 10.04"
Stitch Count 7859
Mega Product Specs
Finish Size 7.46" x 10.89"
Stitch Count 8057
Mega Product Specs
Finish Size 7.53" x 11.14"
Stitch Count 8117

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