Sweet Peacocks Applique Set - 2 Sizes!

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This beautiful set is perfect for clothing, home decor and more. It will look gorgeous on denim! The peacock feather is not applique. Each design fits the 5x7 and 6x10 hoops.

Products Specs

5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Feather 2.63" x 6.43"
Stitch Count: Feather 5347
Finish Size: Butterfly 4.63" x 4.69"
Stitch Count: Butterfly 10320
Finish Size: Plain Peacock 3.27" x 6.83"
Stitch Count: Plain Peacock 12332
Finish Size: Fancy Peacock 2.10" x 5.75"
Stitch Count: Fancy Peacock 10527
6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size: Feather 3.84" x 9.36"
Stitch Count: Feather 8287
Finish Size: Butterfly 5.89" x 5.96"
Stitch Count: Butterfly 15304
Finish Size: Plain Peacock 4.25" x 8.95"
Stitch Count: Plain Peacock 16098
Finish Size: Fancy Peacock 3.15" x 8.72"
Stitch Count: Fancy Peacock 15504

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Artwork from Riefka Designs