3D Winged Mylar Bee Pillow

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This sweet little pillow can light up any spot in the home, office,
nursing home – wherever a little “sunshine” is needed. Hang it
from pegboards, doorknobs, or place it on a shelf. Place the bee
by itself on other items such as bibs, diaper bags, etc. The bee by itself fits the 4x4 hoops. The little pillow is
constructed using the stitch n’ flip method and is an in the hoop
project for 5x7 hoops.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: 3D Wings 2.93" x 1.58”
Stitch Count: 3D Wings 2378
Finish Size: Bee Body 1.47" x 2.35”
Stitch Count: Bee Body 3606
5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Bee-autiful Pillow 5.55" x 4.83”
Stitch Count: Bee-autiful Pillow 7726
Finish Size: Bee-lieve Pillow 5.55" x 4.83”
Stitch Count: Bee-lieve Pillow 7448

Terms of Use

This product may be used to create limited products for sale. Bulk product manufacturing is not permitted.

Special Note

You are receiving the following stitch files (4):
-bee’s wings (can be made with or without Mylar)
-bee body by itself
-Happy Day Bee pillow (in the hoop project)
-I Believe Bee pillow (in the hoop project)

With these files you can make

  • a bee with 3 D wings (without wording and without pillow)
    (for folks with 4x4 hoops)
    -a small in the hoop pillow (5x5) with the words
    “Have a Bee-autiful Day!”
    -a small in the hoop pillow (5x5) with the words “I Bee-lieve”

Pillow finished size: 4.50" x 4.50”

Artist: The Crafty Clip at www.mygrafico.com