Picnic Set Applique- 6 Designs!5x7 & 6x10

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Picture-perfect picnic! These adorable applique designs come in both 5x7 and 6x10 sizes! Includes a watermelon, ice cream cone, hot dog, hamburger, soda, and fries! What a fun set to add to towels, bags, clothings, soft toy books, and more!

Products Specs

5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size Small Hoop: Ice Cream 3.15" x 6.82"
Stitch Count Small Hoop: Ice Cream 5424
Finish Size Small Hoop: French Fries 4.86" x 6.00"
Stitch Count Small Hoop: French Fries 11958
Finish Size Small Hoop: Hamburger 6.77" x 4.99"
Stitch Count Small Hoop: Hamburger 10578
Finish Size Small Hoop: Watermelon 4.98" x 5.43"
Stitch Count Small Hoop: Watermelon 5625
Finish Size Small Hoop: Hot Dog 6.91" x 3.25"
Stitch Count Small Hoop: Hot Dog 9641
Finish Size Small Hoop: Soda 3.64" x 6.87"
Stitch Count Small Hoop: Soda 6913
6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size Large Hoop: Ice Cream 4.48" x 9.77"
Stitch Count Large Hoop: Ice Cream 7587
Finish Size Large Hoop: French Fries 5.96" x 7.36"
Stitch Count Large Hoop: French Fries 15749
Finish Size Large Hoop: Hamburger 8.13" x 5.98"
Stitch Count Large Hoop: Hamburger 12588
Finish Size Large Hoop: Watermelon 5.98" x 6.51"
Stitch Count Large Hoop: Watermelon 6988
Finish Size Large Hoop: Hot Dog 9.75" x 4.55"
Stitch Count Large Hoop: Hot Dog 13668
Finish Size Large Hoop: Soda 5.14" x 9.74"
Stitch Count Large Hoop: Soda 10320

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Licensed Artwork by Cheryl Seslar

Looking for a filled version of these designs?

SWAKembroidery offers this fun picnic designs as a filled set as well! Available in both 4x4 and 5x7 sizes. Click on the above link found in "You Might Also Like..."