In The Hoop Halter Top for 18" Dolls, Plus Bonus - 5x7

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You will receive the In-The-Hoop Halter top for 18" dolls in the 5x7 size along with a pattern to make a coordinating skirt so the doll will have a complete outfit (the skirt is made using a regular sewing machine). Two designs are included for the halter top. The halter tops are reversible so a different fabric can be used for the back. The design will be smaller than the hoop size, but it will fill up as much of the hoop as possible. Clear step-by-step instructions with photos to make the halter top are included on the Color Chart along with instructions to make the skirt. The halter tops are stitched in the hoop with the ribbons, leaving an opening in the bottom. Then they are turned right side out and the bottom opening is hand sewn using a whip stitch. Our small heart & butterfly applique designs (sold separately below) coordinate with the appliques on the halter top. The heart/butterfly designs can be embroidered on clothing for a child so she can match her doll.

Products Specs

5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Heart Halter Top 4.74" x 6.70"
Stitch Count: Heart Halter Top 2061
Finish Size: Butterfly Halter Top 4.74" x 6.70"
Stitch Count: Butterfly Halter Top 2903

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