Superhero Girl Unpaper Doll Set, In The Hoop

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Contains files for 4x4 and 5x7 hoops.

Superhero girl comes with designs for

1 bodysuit - one with star belt, one with "undies" and lightning emblem,
2 masks - one with star eyes, one with pointy ears, shirt, skirt, boots,cape and little girl to dress up.
Instructions with photos included.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Masquerade Mask 2.00" x 1.19"
Stitch Count: Masquerade Mask 1322
Finish Size: Bandana Mask 1.40" x 0.27"
Stitch Count: Bandana Mask 328
Finish Size: Bandana Mask 2.73" x 0.53"
Stitch Count: Bandana Mask 637
Finish Size: Bodysuit Flower Emblem 2.14" x 2.46"
Stitch Count: Bodysuit Flower Emblem 1164
Finish Size: Boots 2.14" x 1.70"
Stitch Count: Boots 903
Finish Size: Cape 1.68" x 2.15"
Stitch Count: Cape 471
Finish Size: Girl 2.30" x 3.90"
Stitch Count: Girl 2251
Finish Size: Boots 1.22" x 0.97"
Stitch Count: Boots 471
Finish Size: Shirt 1.52" x 1.29"
Stitch Count: Shirt 858
Finish Size: Shirt Flower 2.64" x 2.23"
Stitch Count: Shirt Flower 1456
Finish Size: Skirt 1.50" x 0.65"
Stitch Count: Skirt 1009
Finish Size: Skirt 2.63" x 1.13"
Stitch Count: Skirt 1909
Finish Size: Masquerade Mask 1.06" x 0.63"
Stitch Count: Masquerade Mask 738
5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Bodysuit Flower Emblem 3.79" x 4.36"
Stitch Count: Bodysuit Flower Emblem 2069
Finish Size: Cape 3.13" x 4.00"
Stitch Count: Cape 766
Finish Size: Girl 4.06" x 6.90"
Stitch Count: Girl 3604

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Art Credit - Clementine Digitals

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