Checkbook In The Hoop - 8x8

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Tired of ho-hum checkbook covers? Want something that expresses more about your
personality and interests? "Checkbook in the Hoop" has eleven beautifully created designs just for you. Check out the cute hummingbird, the cat looking out the window, giraffe, flowers and so many more. The checkbook covers work with either top-loading or side-loading checks. We've even included an optional back zipper change purse, a pen holder, and vinyl check duplicator and register flap. You can pick and choose how you want your checkbook to look. This is a checkbook you will be proud to take out of your purse! For best results, create your checkbook using non-woven materials, such as a faux suede. Requires the 7"x12", 8"x8", or 8"x12" hoop. Check your hoop size before ordering

Products Specs

6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size (Larger than 6x10) 6.97" x 7.50"
Stitch Count (Larger than 6x10) Approximately 17000

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