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$6.00 Glory Sampler- 4x4 Split Design $6.00 Glory Sampler 5x7 Free! Home for the Holidays- FREE! - 2 Sizes! $6.00 Faith Star Willow Pot 4x4 - Split Design $6.00 Peace Crow Willow Pot 4x4- Split Design $6.00 Peace Crow Willow Pot 5x7 $5.00 School Days 5x7 Sampler $9.00 Live Laugh Love Stars 5x7 $6.00 Live Laugh Love Stars 4x4 $5.00 Keep Our Snowmen Overnite Sampler - 5x7 $5.00 Grow Old Along With Me Sampler- 5x7 $5.00 When I Wished Upon a Star 5x7 Sampler $5.00 All We Need is Love 5x7 Sampler $5.00 American Flag Alphabet Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Witches Welcome 5x7 Sampler $5.00 Pledge of Allegiance 5x7 Sampler $5.00 Is Sent From Above Sampler 5x7 $5.00 If the Broom Fits... Halloween Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Fishing Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Log Cabin Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Love You to the Moon and Back 5x7 Sampler $5.00 Pray for Peace 5x7 Sampler $5.00 Mustard Seed Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Always Kiss Me Goodnight Sampler 5x7 $5.00 When I Am Sewing Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Americana Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Handmade in the USA Sampler- 5x7 $5.00 Seeds Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Mother's Day Sampler 5x7 $4.00 Mother's Day Sampler 4x4 $6.50 Happy Fall Y'All Applique - 3 Sizes! $5.00 Thankful Hearts Live Here Sampler $5.00 S'no Place Like Home Sampler $5.00 Military Families Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Love Never Fails Sampler $5.00 Angel Believe Sampler $3.50 Love You Feather Trees 4x4 $5.00 Be My Valentine Sampler $5.00 Love You Feather Trees 5x7 $5.00 Bless our Humble Home Sampler $5.00 May Your Holidays Be Bright Sampler $5.00 Frosty Friends Sampler $5.00 Merry Christmas Sampler $5.00 Glory to the Newborn King Sampler $5.00 Morning Rooster Sampler $5.00 God Bless America Sampler $5.00 Perfect Man Gingerbread Sampler $5.00 Happy Halloween Sampler $5.00 Pineapple Welcome Sampler $5.00 Heart in Hand Sampler $5.00 Pumpkins 4 Sale Sampler 5x7 $5.00 Live Laugh Love Sampler $5.00 Road to a Friends House Sampler $5.00 Love at First Frost Sampler

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