Split Ballerina Silhouettes Set - 6x10

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Graceful ballerinas in split design style. Add name or text with your own fonts or purchase one of our fonts specifically made for split designs. Our "Adalyn" font is shown in the embroidered samples and is available separately below. Set includes seven designs in one color and seven designs in two color. Although designs are designated for the 6x10 hoop, they can easily be split with your own software to use in a smaller hoop.

Products Specs

6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size: 1 5.66" x 9.08"
Stitch Count: 1 12164
Finish Size: 2 9.05" x 5.70"
Stitch Count: 2 12659
Finish Size: 3 5.99" x 7.66"
Stitch Count: 3 10254
Finish Size: 4 6.14" x 6.81"
Stitch Count: 4 10584
Finish Size: 5 5.68" x 9.09"
Stitch Count: 5 9986
Finish Size: 6 6.09" x 9.24"
Stitch Count: 6 13184
Finish Size: 7 5.94" x 7.50"
Stitch Count: 7 10948

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