Fall Decor and Corners Set, 16 Designs - 4x4
Great for fall! Each design fits the 4x4 hoop.

Fall Decor and Corners Set, 16 Designs - 4x4

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Great for fall! Each design fits the 4x4 hoop.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Pumpkin Decor 2.40" x 3.00"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin Decor 8575
Finish Size: Acorn Decor 2.56" x 2.83"
Stitch Count: Acorn Decor 11587
Finish Size: Sunflower Decor 2.82" x 3.00"
Stitch Count: Sunflower Decor 8448
Finish Size: Corn Decor 2.99" x 3.04"
Stitch Count: Corn Decor 10942
Finish Size: Cornucopia Decor 3.00" x 3.01"
Stitch Count: Cornucopia 11365
Finish Size: Scarecrow Decor 2.95" x 2.79"
Stitch Count: Scarecrow Decor 10507
Finish Size: Turkey Decor 3.00" x 3.17"
Stitch Count: Turkey Decor 10431
Finish Size: Flower Decor 2.71" x 2.98"
Stitch Count: Flower Decor 11514
Finish Size: Pumpkin Decor Corner 3.02" x 3.01"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin Decor Corner 5627
Finish Size: Acorn Decor Corner 3.12" x 3.02"
Stitch Count: Acorn Decor Corner 6177
Finish Size: Sunflower Decor Corner 3.05" x 3.02"
Stitch Count: Sunflower Decor Corner 6743
Finish Size: Corn Decor Corner 3.00" x 3.01"
Stitch Count: Corn Decor Corner 5718
Finish Size: Cornucopia Decor Corner 3.03" x 3.04"
Stitch Count: Cornucupia Decor Corner 11035
Finish Size: Scarecrow Decor Corner 2.99" x 3.04"
Stitch Count: Scarecrow Decor Corner 5131
Finish Size: Turkey Decor Corner 3.01" x 3.03"
Stitch Count: Turkey Decor Corner 5428
Finish Size: Flower Decor Corner 2.99" x 2.99"
Stitch Count: Flower Decor Corner 6080

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