Baby's 1st Holidays Set, 18 Designs - 4x4
Great for bibs and more. Each design fits the 4x4 hoop.

Baby's 1st Holidays Set, 18 Designs - 4x4

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Great for bibs and more. Each design fits the 4x4 hoop.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Winter 2.02" x 2.93"
Stitch Count: Winter 8187
Finish Size: Fall 1.70" x 3.04"
Stitch Count: Fall 5887
Finish Size: Summer 2.17" x 3.33"
Stitch Count: Summer 6271
Finish Size: Birthday 2.98" x 2.22"
Stitch Count: Birthday 9134
Finish Size: Spring 1.98" x 3.45"
Stitch Count: Spring 8192
Finish Size: Cinco de Mayo 2.26" x 3.06"
Stitch Count: Cinco de Mayo 7577
Finish Size: Christmas 2.85" x 2.61"
Stitch Count: Christmas 8311
Finish Size: Thanksgiving 2.61" x 2.80"
Stitch Count: Thanksgiving 9688
Finish Size: Turkey Day 2.02" x 2.99"
Stitch Count: Turkey Day 7297
Finish Size: Halloween 2.49" x 2.81"
Stitch Count: Halloween 8314
Finish Size: 4th of July 2.15" x 2.93"
Stitch Count: 4th of July 7784
Finish Size: Easter 1.85" x 3.20"
Stitch Count: Easter 7797
Finish Size: Valentine's Day 2.58" x 2.90"
Stitch Count: Valentine's Day 7251
Finish Size: New Year 1.79" x 3.49"
Stitch Count: New Year 8749
Finish Size: Hanukkah 2.68" x 2.63"
Stitch Count: Hanukkah 10546
Finish Size: Rosh Hashanah 2.64" x 3.70"
Stitch Count: Rosh Hashanah 8798
Finish Size: Kwanzaa 2.73" x 2.71"
Stitch Count: Kwanzaa 8088
Finish Size: St. Patrick's Day 2.50" x 3.02"
Stitch Count: St. Patrick's Day 7942

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