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by margaret Wynkoop

baby in the carriage

I make embroidered cake tops. They are for birthdays, baby showers etc. I love how your baby in the ...

by Annette Whitfield

Home is Where you Park It

I am absolutely THRILLED with how this design featuring a motorhome appliqué turned out. The desig...

inspired by
by Elena Mironova

Christmas Tree Birds by Embroidery Mastery

Created an amazing christmas pillow. Hurry up! Christmas is coming!!!

by Jody F Robbins

Freestanding Lace Praying Hands - 4x4

First time I have tried this and I am so happy with the way it turned out it's simply amazing and I ...

inspired by
by De Anne Vaughan

Ocean Critters

I did the Jelly fish from the Ocean Critters. What a great collection. I made a placemats.

inspired by
by Anna Rhodes

Smocking: FREE! Crayon - 4x4

Doll dress made with smocking pattern.

inspired by
by Patricia Chapman

daschson Old Dog

I made this pillow and band is in remembrance of my stepson's dog that passed away. The band is grey...

inspired by
by Ann Mackowski

Template to Embroider a REAL Baseball or Softball, Mini Sewing Machine, Mini Spools of Thread

I wanted to make a sewing themed baseball for my local shop. I used the template from A Creative Med...

inspired by
by Barbara Kig

Reading pocket pillow

Created a personalized pillow for a young cowgirl.

inspired by
by Rosie Brough

Free Fairy Bears

A girls toddler quilt that oozes cuteness with free bears.

inspired by
by Jennifer Blake

Llama face

I'm in love with this design! I had a couple hiccups but I don't think a toddler will mind.

inspired by
by Rosie Brough


Using my machine font, I used free small keyboard to embellish my jacket, and free note design.

inspired by
by Francine Kassouf


I love Swak designs. My little granddaughter will look great in this.

inspired by
by Francine Kassouf

1st Birthday

Our little doll is turning 1!

inspired by
by Francine Kassouf

Little Princess

Made this for my beautiful granddaughter.

inspired by
by Sue Paris

Rat Old Pal

I took an old personalised dressing gown and embroidered over the personalisation and now it makes a...

inspired by
by Gloria Barnett

Bashful Butterfly

Just finished the embroidery for a book bag for my granddaughter. I still need to press it and then...

inspired by
by linda kools


Gemaakt met Brother Inn 800

inspired by
by Colette Aarons

SWAK Chickens

Made these towels for my sister. She is giving them to a friend for her birthday. She is very much...

inspired by
by Delroy Chung

I made this memory blanket for my great grandson