Easter Decor Set - 18 Designs!
Beautiful designs for Easter. See sizes below.

Easter Decor Set - 18 Designs!

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Beautiful designs for Easter. See sizes below.

Products Specs

6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size: Blue Chi Ro 8.12" x 4.51"
Stitch Count: Blue Chi Ro 11473
Finish Size: Butterfly Swirl Large 9.48" x 4.72"
Stitch Count: Butterfly Swirl Large 11756
Finish Size: Halo Pax 9.23" x 4.42"
Stitch Count Halo Pax 17155
Finish Size: Lily Line Large 8.46" x 4.74"
Stitch Count: Lily Line Large 33855
Finish Size: Palm Cross Large 9.33" x 5.42"
Stitch Count: Palm Cross Large 23307
Finish Size: Vine Cross INRI 7.90" x 4.70"
Stitch Count: Vine Cross INRI 45670
4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Blue Cross 3.78" x 2.24"
Stitch Count: Blue Cross 2456
Finish Size: Butterfly Swirl Small 3.19" x 3.16"
Stitch Count: Butterfly Swirl Small 4515
Finish Size: Halo Small 1.94" x 1.94"
Stitch Count: Halo Small 2068
Finish Size: Lily Line Cross Small 2.84" x 1.78"
Stitch Count: Lily Line Cross Small 2305
Finish Size: Palm Cross Small 3.39" x 3.22"
Stitch Count: Palm Cross Small 5374
Finish Size: Vine Cross Small 3.06" x 1.59"
Stitch Count: Vine Cross Small 2850
5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Blue Lamb 4.65" x 5.01"
Stitch Count: Blue Lamb 7774
Finish Size: Butterfly Swirl Medium 5.01" x 4.75"
Stitch Count: Butterfly Swirl Medium 8467
Finish Size: Halo Cross 5.07" x 2.83"
Stitch Count: Halo Cross 7404
Finish Size: Lily Line Medium 4.69" x 4.58"
Stitch Count: Lily Line Medium 18958
Finish Size: Palm Cross Medium 4.73" x 4.65"
Stitch Count: Palm Cross Medium 12356
Finish Size: Vine Cross Crown 4.82" x 4.56"
Stitch Count: Vine Cross Crown 26550

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