Fairy Tale Set, 12 Designs - 4x4
So much fun for your little princess. Each design fits the 4x4 hoop.

Fairy Tale Set, 12 Designs - 4x4

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So much fun for your little princess. Each design fits the 4x4 hoop.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Carriage 2.26" x 2.19"
Stitch Count: Carriage 7908
Finish Size: Castle 2.27" x 1.72"
Stitch Count: Castle 8089
Finish Size: Crown 1.08" x 2.09"
Stitch Count: Crown 2703
Finish Size: Dragon 1.49" x 2.73"
Stitch Count: Dragon 5563
Finish Size: Fairy 1.81" x 2.06"
Stitch Count: Fairy 5104
Finish Size: Frog Prince 2.07" x 1.51"
Stitch Count: Frog Prince 5658
Finish Size: Hat 1.74" x 1.43"
Stitch Count: Hat 2715
Finish Size: Prince 2.25" x 1.52"
Stitch Count: Prince 6068
Finish Size: Princess 2.24" x 1.37"
Stitch Count: Princess 5233
Finish Size: Shoe 1.37" x 2.17"
Stitch Count: Shoe 4016
Finish Size: Unicorn 1.99" x 1.94"
Stitch Count: Unicorn 5329
Finish Size: Magic Wand 1.84" x 1.91"
Stitch Count: Magic Wand 1480

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