Fall Flavor Set, 21 Designs
Beautiful designs for fall. See sizes below.

Fall Flavor Set, 21 Designs

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Beautiful designs for fall. See sizes below.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Acorn Squash 1.58" x 1.97"
Stitch Count: Acorn Squash 2747
Finish Size: Black Plums 1.97" x 2.06"
Stitch Count: Black Plums 4286
Finish Size: Blackberries 2.05" x 1.81"
Stitch Count: Blackberries 4073
Finish Size: Butternut Squash 2.53" x 1.38"
Stitch Count: Butternut Squash 1940
Finish Size: Cherry Duo 1.81" x 2.30"
Stitch Count: Cherry Duo 4273
Finish Size: English Oak Leaf 1.93" x 2.03"
Stitch Count: English Oak Leaf 2367
Finish Size: Golden Pear 2.14" x 1.49"
Stitch Count: Golden Pear 1550
Finish Size: Green Apple 1.85" x 1.73"
Stitch Count: Green Apple 2568
Finish Size: Maple Leaf Trio 2.95" x 2.99"
Stitch Count: Maple Leaf Trio 6805
Finish Size: Maple Leaf 2.26" x 2.33"
Stitch Count: Maple Leaf 3154
Finish Size: Oak Leaf Trio 3.34" x 3.33"
Stitch Count: Oak Leaf Trio 6808
Finish Size: Pumpkin Duo 2.03" x 2.59"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin Duo 2957
Finish Size: Pumpkin Outline 1.99" x 1.67"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin Outline 1993
Finish Size: Red Apple 2.03" x 1.91"
Stitch Count: Red Apple 2935
Finish Size: Red Oak Leaf 1.96" x 1.86"
Stitch Count: Red Oak Leaf 2966
Finish Size: Red Pear 1.60" x 1.87"
Stitch Count: Red Pear 1554
Stitch Count: Three Color Gourd 2.56" x 1.32"
Stitch Count: Three Color Gourd 2269
Finish Size: White Oak Leaf 1.98" x 1.88"
Stitch Count: White Oak Leaf 2988
Finish Size: Yellow Gourd 2.54" x 2.48"
Stitch Count: Yellow Gourd 2317
5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Maple Leaf Pocket Topper .93" x 4.19"
Stitch Count: Maple Leaf Pocket Topper 4254
Finish Size: Pumpkin and Leaf Pocket Topper .97" x 4.33"
Stitch Count: Pumpkin and Leaf Pocket Topper 4670

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