Halloween Sounds Set, 15 Designs - 4x4
Great for Halloween! See sizes below.

Halloween Sounds Set, 15 Designs - 4x4

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Great for Halloween! See sizes below.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Ghostly Boo 3.01" x 2.82"
Stitch Count: Ghostly Boo 9064
Finish Size: Coffin Creak 2.41" x 3.04"
Stitch Count: Coffin Creak 12225
Finish Size: Creepy Mummy 3.22" x 2.90"
Stitch Count: Creepy Mummy 10555
Finish Size: Eek Mouse 2.34" x 3.97"
Stitch Count: Eek Mouse 10101
Finish Size: Bat Flutter 1.90" x 2.90"
Stitch Count: Bat Flutter 3296
Finish Size: Gasp Spider 2.64" x 2.72"
Stitch Count: Gasp Spider 3428
Finish Size: Grim Skull 3.07" x 3.29"
Stitch Count: Grim Skull 7284
Finish Size: Black Cat Hiss 3.07" x 2.92"
Stitch Count: Black Cat Hiss 6196
Finish Size: Owl Hoo 3.12" x 3.10"
Stitch Count: Owl Hoo 5360
Finish Size: Wolf Howl 2.92" x 3.55"
Stitch Count: Wolf Howl 7528
Finish Size: Cemetery Hush 2.18" x 2.93"
Stitch Count: Cemetery Hush 6916
Finish Size: Skeleton Chain Rattle 1.91" x 3.60"
Stitch Count: Skeleton Chain Rattle 6366
Finish Size: Scary Jack-o-lanterns 2.69" x 2.80"
Stitch Count: Scary Jack-o-lanterns 9466
Finish Size: Spooky House 2.80" x 3.32"
Stitch Count: Spooky House 8806
Finish Size: Eyeball Squish 2.68" x 3.52"

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