Religious Sayings Set, 12 Designs - 6x10
These religious sayings will bring comfort. See sizes below.

Religious Sayings Set, 12 Designs - 6x10

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These religious sayings will bring comfort. See sizes below.

Products Specs

6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size: A True Friend 5.05" x 8.02"
Stitch Count: A True Friend 15684
Finish Size: Bible Basic Instructions 3.69" x 8.01"
Stitch Count: Bible Basic Instructions 13741
Finish Size: Blessed Are The Quilters! 3.01"x 8.01"
Stitch Count: Blessed Are the Quilters! 16769
Finish Size: Count Your Blessings 4.04" x 8.00"
Stitch Count: Count Your Blessings 12062
Finish Size: Grow Flowers 3.07" x 8.01"
Stitch Count: Grow Flowers 20328
Finish Size: Hemmed In Prayer 4.19" x 8.01"
Stitch Count: Hemmed In Prayer 13906
Finish Size: Kindness Is Difficult 5.38" x 7.81"
Stitch Count: Kindness Is Difficult 18394
Finish Size: Life Is Fragile 4.47" x 8.00"
Stitch Count: Life Is Fragile 13276
Finish Size: Pray About Everything 4.06" x 8.13"
Stitch Count: Pray About Everything 19413
Finish Size: Talk To The Shepard 4.85" x 7.81"
Stitch Count: Talk To The Shepard 15836
Finish Size: God Opens A Window 4.41" x 7.98 "
Stitch Count: God Opens A Window 14290
5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: House Is Not A Home 4.63" x 6.82"
Stitch Count: House Is Not A Home 25969

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