Frolicking Snowman Set - 11 Designs!
Fun for winter! See sizes below.

Frolicking Snowman Set - 11 Designs!

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Fun for winter! See sizes below.

Products Specs

4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Chopping Wood 2.12" x 2.84"
Stitch Count: Chopping Wood 8254
Finish Size: Snowmen and Igloo 2.00" x 3.24"
Stitch Count: Snowmen and Igloo 9393
Finish Size: Snowman in Forest 2.67" x 2.58"
Stitch Count: Snowman in Forest 9402
Finish Size: Snowball Fighting 2.38" x 2.48"
Stitch Count: Snowball Fighting 6663
Finish Size: Snowman with Birds 2.59" x 1.26"
Stitch Count: Snowman with Birds 4057
Finish Size: Snowboarding 1.95" x 2.35"
Stitch Count: Snowboarding 6762
Finish Size: Snowman with Shovel 2.14" x 2.26"
Stitch Count: Snowman with Shovel 7789
Finish Size: Snowman Snow Shoeing 2.35" x 1.80"
Stitch Count: Snowman Snow Shoeing 4341
Finish Size: Downhill Skiing 2.83" x 3.03"
Stitch Count: Downhill Skiing 4375
Finish Size: Ice Skating 2.09" x 2.47"
Stitch Count: Ice Skating 6881
6"x10" Product Specs
Finish Size: Winter Snow Much Fun 2.51" x 7.80"
Stitch Count: Winter Snow Much Fun 35119

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