Garden Sayings Set, 12 Designs - 5x7
Have a green thumb? This set is for you. Each design fits the 5x7 hoop.

Garden Sayings Set, 12 Designs - 5x7

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Have a green thumb? This set is for you. Each design fits the 5x7 hoop.

Products Specs

5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Aroma Therapy 4.47" x 2.15"
Stitch Count: Aroma Therapy 8756
Finish Size: Bloom Where Planted 4.05" x 4.13"
Stitch Count: Bloom Where Planted 15592
Finish Size: Every Birdie Welcome 3.36" x 4.43"
Stitch Count: Every Birdie Welcome 11388
Finish Size: Garden of Weedin' 3.26" x 4.18"
Stitch Count: Garden of Weedin' 16111
Finish Size: Grown With Love 3.37" x 4.36"
Stitch Count: Grown With Love 14834
Finish Size: Know All The Dirt 3.24" x 4.09"
Stitch Count: Know All The Dirt 14763
Finish Size: Earth Laughs In Flowers 3.64" x 4.50"
Stitch Count: Earth Laughs In Flowers 9063
Finish Size: Love My Garden 3.59" x 4.50"
Stitch Count: Love My Garden 11035
Finish Size: Plant Manager 2.94" x 4.45"
Stitch Count: Plant Manager 8066
Finish Size: Those Who Wait 2.85" x 4.33"
Stitch Count: Those Who Wait 10224
Finish Size: Weeds Be Wildflowers 4.45" x 4.09"
Stitch Count: Weeds Be Wildflowers 11847
Finish Size: Welcome To My Garden 3.55" x 3.85"
Stitch Count: Welcome To My Garden 12380

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